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Drops of Water

C.I.D Mission Statement 

Columbia Irrigation District's mission is to deliver water in a manner that maximizes supply for beneficial use and dependability, with a consideration for fiscal restraint, in order to meet the needs of our patrons.  

About the District 

The District was formed on December 3, 1917, and then Northern Pacific Irrigation Co. transferred interest to Columbia Irrigation District. 

Columbia Irrigation District was organized under Title 87 of the Revised Code of Washington as a quasi-municipal corporation. It exists primarily to deliver irrigation water to nearly eight thousand parcels and approximately ten thousand acres in an efficient manner at the lowest possible cost consistent with good management practices. A five-member board of directors has ultimate responsibility for the administration, operation, and maintenance of the District. The directors are landowners elected to alternating three-year terms. The Board hires a Secretary/Manager to carry out the CID policies and general management of operation. CID has 15 employees who include office and field staff. To date the CID has operated with one of the oldest water rights from the Yakima River. Proration of water usage with the CID for purposes of honoring a more senior right has not occurred.

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