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Canal Treatment Calendar

The treatment sites will be at various sites along our canal starting at Wanawish Dam, West Richland.  Waters within the Columbia Irrigation District’s delivery system should be used for irrigation purposes only

The Columbia Irrigation District applies aquatic herbicides and algaecides to the entire irrigation canal system in accordance with Washington State Department of Ecology, Permit No. WA0991000. The purpose is to minimize aquatic weed and algae growth to maintain unrestricted water flow within the delivery system. Products used will be Cascade (Dipotassium Salt of Endothall), Nautique (Copper Ethylenediamine Complex and Copper Triethanolamine Complex), Captain and Captain XTR (Copper Ethanolamine Complex), Copper Sulfate Crystals (Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate), Green Clean Pro (Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate), Sonar H4C (Fluridone) and Sonar A.S. (Fluridone).le

MC- Main Canal

L1- Lateral 1 Canal

L2- Lateral 2 Canal

** Canals receive treated water from Main Canal


Aquatic Pesticides:

Endothall- Herbicide and/or Algeacide

Copper- Copper Based Herbicide and/or Algeacide

Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate (SCP) - Algeacide

Fluridone- Herbicide

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