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Board of Directors 

A five-member board of directors has ultimate responsibility for the administration, operation, and maintenance of the District.

The directors are landowners elected to alternating three-year terms. The Board hires a Secretary/Manager to carry out the CID policies and general management of operation.

The District is governed by a five-member Board of Directors elected to three-year terms by the patrons of the district. The Board of Directors are:

Division #01 Vincent Shawver, President 12/31/24

Division #02 Dallas Ayde, 12/31/25

Division #03 Neil Martin, Vice President 12/31/25

Division #04 Marilyn Dickenson, 12/31/2026

Division #05 Sherri Thackham, 12/31/26

Director Divisions

The district is made up of five divisions, each represented by one director.

The Divisions are: 

Division #01 From Wanawish Dam to Valley View Road

Division #02 From Valley View Road to Washington Street 

Division #03 From Washington Street to South Oak Street

Division #04 From South Oak Street to Haney Road

Division #05 From Haney Road to Columbia River

District Leadership History 

District Leadership History.jpg

Board of Directors Election Information 

Pursuant to RCW Title 87 the annual election will be held the second Tuesday in December for Division 1. Petitions for nomination are due the first Monday in November at the District Office. Terms are for three years, beginning January 2025. If you are 18 years old, a U.S. Citizen, a resident of the state and hold title or evidence of title to lands within the District, you qualify as an elector and may participate in District elections. Qualified electors may run for election as a Director for their respective division within the District. Information on elections and other legal notices are advertised in the Tri-City Herald

Image by Janine Robinson
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