Welcome to Columbia Irrigation

Columbia Irrigation District’s office is open Monday – Friday from 7:30 am – 4:00 pm. The office phone number is (509) 586-6118. During water season the District is available for emergencies 24 hours a day by calling (509) 586-6118.

The system begins at Wanawish Dam where water is diverted from the Yakima River into the main canal.
The CID system consists primarily of open canals, both lined and unlined, which total approximately 41 miles in length.  Some CID lateral pipelines, mostly gravity flow, also exist to distribute water from the canals.  The CID operates and maintains 50 Local Improvement Districts (LIDs) which provide  irrigation water to each individual parcel.

Water Start-up: March 20, 2016

Columbia Irrigation District will begin filling and flushing the canal system March 20th.  This process takes five to seven days from the time water is turned into the canal at Wanawish Dam and flows through to the end of the canal system.

For those individuals who pump directly from the canal, we strongly urge you not to begin pumping as soon as you see water.  It is very easy to plug your system if you do not allow the weeds and debris to flush out of the canal and it could take up to three weeks or longer to get you unplugged. The District suggests all valves throughout the District be in the off position.

The Districts goal is to deliver water to the entire District by April 15th.  If you do not receive water by then, notify office personnel at 586-6118.  The office staff receives many calls during the first two weeks of water season for plugged lines, inoperative valves or no water.  Unfortunately, not everyone can be first to get water.  We hope that you will be patient while the crews are doing their very best to get water to you in the timeliest manner possible.

If leaks occur, we will isolate the leak and when we have finished priming the system, we will begin making repairs.  Should you have a problem with your service valve, give our office a call and a work order will be placed on the maintenance schedule.

Tips to think about before calling the District if you think you are having a problem:

No water Check your valve – make sure it is open. (all the way)
Low pressure If you’re using a hose – make sure it is not plugged
  Clean your filter